With the increasing demand for educational content from companies, many organizations are starting “academies,” or “universities” for professional development. For many of these companies, this means little more than assigning a new name to their preexisting resources page. 

SaaS Academies do more. With SaaSU, you will find guided, structured content that has been organized into an educational format. In many courses, you will have knowledge checks such as short quizzes, and there will be ways to measure and track your progress through the program. 

With an abundance of courses available, SaaS provides options to meet your unique needs. Some courses take several hours, while others can be completed as you drink your morning coffee. 

Here are some ways to distinguish a SaaS Academy.

Learning is not limited to the products and services of the company that produced the content. Many companies that are mimicking a legitimate course selection will only include options that teach learners how to work with their product or service. At a SaaS Academy, you will never be limited to learning only about the products or services that one company can provide. 

Learning is structured and organized. With more and more companies offering these kinds of courses, it is even more important to be able to recognize when a “course” is little more than a PDF or pre-recorded webinar. Most SaaS Academy courses are segmented into an easy to follow format for learners. You will be able to work through the course step by step, with clear guidance on where to start and how to finish.Learning is supported by additional resources, not facilitated by them. PDFs and webinars are helpful resources for learners, but they should not be the beginning and end of a legitimate course offered by a SaaS Academy. A SaaS Academy will offer a diverse range of learning resources, including—but not limited to—preexisting resources.

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