The biggest barrier to a SaaS Academy is undeniably shooting all that video. Recently here at Allarium, we built an online course for a customer that consisted of 93 short (3-5 minute) videos. That’s a lot of video!  

How do you record all that video? Before they met us, one of our customers actually paid quite a lot of money for a high-quality movie studio. They wrote scripts and then recorded video across several takes. Not only was this an expensive option, but the end result was rather poor. It was such a high-stakes environment (and people were so nervous) that the end result came across as rigid and unnatural.

Just about every customer we have ever talked to has cited “time” as the #1 barrier to building out an online course. 

At Allarium, we think we have a better alternative, one that doesn’t require nearly that amount of time, energy, and money. Let’s imagine your customer success team spends 20 hours onboarding every new client. You want to create an asynchronous video training course that mimics the live onboarding. Your customer success team will still do live training, but now customers have a way to revisit past trainings or get new team members up-to-speed.

What is the simplest and easiest way to build that online video training? Every time your customer success team completes a training over Zoom, Google Meets, or any other platform, have them press record. (You’ll want to explain to the customer that you will in no way be using any footage of them).

Soon, just by pressing record, you will have 20 hours of video that mimics your complete live training. It may be pretty unremarkable video, filled with “uhhs” “ahhs” issues with screenshare, question and answer, and more. 

But when you upload your video to the Allarium platform, some interesting things start happening. Filler words and awkward pauses are automatically removed. The audio and the video are sharpened. Any reference to the customer is removed.

Next, a team of graphical designers begins chunking out your video into small segments. Those small chunks of video are placed inside our Learning Management system. Instructional designers add assignments and short quizzes to test for mastery.

In 60 days or less, you will have a complete video course that you can provide to customers. And the only work required from your team was to simply press “Record” while going about their everyday work. 

Whether that course is being used to improve the customer experience, generate leads, help close potential customers, or train new employees, there is a wide variety of uses for that fantastic video content. Contact us at to learn more.

At Allarium, we think there is an easier way requiring minimal time, energy,
and money. It starts with a very simple step: hitting “Record” on your Zoom and Google Meets calls. 

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