The allarium process

How much of your business happens over web conference (Zoom, Google Meets, etc)?  Over the course of a day, what is shared through your webcam? Customer training, business insights, breaking news, troubleshooting, etc. 

That information is your content library, your path to scaleable customer training and support, your marketing newsletter, and more. You just need to find a way to harness it. At Allarium, we have developed a half automated, half manual process for using and reusing this content.

Imagine you’re a SaaS company, with a particularly complex platform. You send us a recording of a customer training session. It is nothing special, full of grainy video, customer interruptions, “uhh” and “uhhms”, and baseball caps.

The first thing we’ll do is run the audio through a text-to-speech platform and then analyze the content. We’ll look for a variety of things: common words and phrases, filler words (like “uh”), speaker differentiation, and more. Ten minutes after the content arrives in our inbox, we’ll have a full analysis complete.

Now, a team of specialists take over. Depending on your needs, we can make a variety of modifications to your content, including…

  1. A video editor syncs the content to the audio, removes filler words and customer objections
  2. A graphic designer adds new visuals elements: animations, titles, etc.
  3. A voice-over actor adds new audio
  4. An instructional designer adds a table of contents, assessment, and other interactivity
  5. A writer/editor tweaks portions of the transcript and turns it into a newsletter, blog or Facebook post

We’re able to do high quality work efficiently and cost-effectively because of 

  1. Automation – every step that can be automated has been
  2. Process – we’ve honed an efficient process over time
  3. Hyper-specialization – each team member owns a specific part of the process
  4. Expertise – as a result, we hire experts in specific areas

The final step in the process is the most important. This is the part where we find multiple uses for the same content. That one training video is now transformed into the following assets…

  1. Training – The full video is posted on our learning platform as part of a virtual onboarding process
  2. Business Development – The 3-minute introduction from the CEO goes on the website as an animated video
  3. Troubleshooting – The Q&A portion of the video is posted under “FAQ’s” and tagged so users can find it
  4. Customer Testimonial – with customer’s permission, a short quote is used as a customer testimonial
  5. Marketing – a five-minute explanation on the latest news in the space becomes next week’s marketing video

The most powerful thing about this example is that our customer hasn’t had to do anything but go about their daily business. The power of this process is harnessing the content that you create simply by doing your job.

As we’ve shown, there is a lot you can do with this content. Our favorite thing to do is to help venture-backed start-ups create their own “Academies”. We have done a lot of research on this space, and virtually every large SaaS company has developed their own “Academy” or “University.”
Contact us at to learn more.

At Allarium, we think there is an easier way requiring minimal time, energy,
and money. It starts with a very simple step: hitting “Record” on your Zoom and Google Meets calls. 

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