How To Effectively Repurpose Recorded Webinars For SaaS Academies

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After all the hard work of coordinating with guests, researching topics, and overcoming unexpected tech problems, recording a webinar is definitely time-intensive. 

If you’re not repurposing that content, you’re missing out on valuable marketing opportunities that can stretch your recorded webinar even further. There’s practically no limit to what you can do. 

Here’s just a sampling of how SaaS universities can effectively repurpose their webinar content.

New Employee Training 

Once you have a sizable library of recorded webinars, don’t just let it sit around! Training new employees can be costly, but using your webinar content as the basis of your employee training program can save you money. 

Did the CEO record a webinar on company culture and values? That’s perfect for an introduction in your employee training program. 

Recorded webinars of your customer support team assisting clients can even be turned into a full-length course for new employees. 

Marketing Content 

Video recordings have become the go-to marketing tool in recent years, and webinars are perfectly suited for an easy transition into marketing assets. 

That positive interaction with a customer during a support session is now an attention-grabbing animated video on your homepage. 

Our team at Allarium specializes in analyzing your webinar content to identify ways it can be used across all your marketing channels. 

Some of the best marketing assets are usually hidden somewhere within your webinars. Once they’ve been identified, it’s easy to repurpose the content in ways that give your business a higher ROI.

Short Clips For Social Media 

According to a report by SproutSocial, an impressive 93% of companies have acquired new customers from video on social media. 

Furthermore, half of all social media users prefer video compared to other types of content, according to the same report. 

Taking short clips from your webinars and sharing it on all your social accounts is an effective way to repurpose all that content. And because they’re short, that makes them easily shareable, which can increase engagement.

Create Lead Magnets 

A great way to collect new leads for your SaaS university is to effectively recycle the main themes of your webinars into more helpful content.

With a little creativity, you can quickly turn recorded webinars into attractive lead magnets that generate more conversions and help grow your email list. 

For example, find the key takeaways from your webinar and create a free guide people can download. Or you can take the webinar content and use it as the basis for a new e-book. 

We’ll Help You Repurpose Your Webinar Content Into Marketing Assets That Get Results 

When you choose to work with Allarium, the possibilities are truly endless. We identify the marketing assets you may have overlooked by carefully combing through your existing webinar recordings. 
We identify the hidden gems in your recordings that have the potential to become prized marketing assets with a high ROI. Reach out today to take the first step in repurposing your content so you can get back to running your business.

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