Our Favorite Examples Of SaaS Academies 

examples of saas

Starting a SaaS university is a fantastic way to increase brand awareness while providing exceptional value to your ideal audience. There are several amazing SaaS universities out there, but we’re going to focus on three. 

Each one is an excellent example of how a SaaS university can be leveraged as an effective marketing asset that drives customer engagement and loyalty. Here are a few of our favorite examples of SaaS universities below. 

Shopify Learn 

With the e-commerce industry continuing to grow, Shopify has become the leading platform for starting an online store. Shopify Learn is a complete set of training courses and modules aimed at beginners who want to run a successful business. 

All the educational content is free, and users can create an account and get instant access. This is a great example of how a SaaS university can be used to increase membership subscriptions. 

Although all courses in Shopify Learn are free, users will have to sign up for a Shopify membership once they’re ready to open their first store. The academy covers topics like SEO, goal setting, email marketing and more, all taught by experienced Shopify experts and entrepreneurs. 

Asana Academy 

Remote work is here to stay, and that means more professional teams need help staying organized. Asana is an impressive all-in-one platform where teams can stay connected and manage their work. Everything from project management to workflow automation can be done through Asana. 

Asana Academy features an impressive array of courses, tutorials, and webinars all focused on how customers can maximize their use of the platform. Courses progress from beginner to advanced with topics ranging from customizing your workflow, how to onboard your team in the platform, and using Asana integrations. 

There’s also a community forum and an Asana ambassador program. We love the variety of presentation formats the academy offers. Users can choose between pre-recorded sessions or signing up for a live webinar. 

It’s a great example of how a SaaS university can use product education to drive growth and brand loyalty.

Workday’s Education & Training  

Workday is a software human resource management system that offers a streamlined platform for HR professionals. Tasks like payroll, benefits, talent management, and time tracking can all be performed in a single system with Workday.

The platform has an education and training section that provides value in the form of helpful training “kits,” as well as an accreditation program. And for those who want to take their training even further, Workday offers a subscription-based service plan that gets you exclusive access to unique tools, resources, and expertise. 

We like the fact that users can tailor their learning experience by choosing the level of involvement with instructors. The education platform has options for a more self-sufficient learning style for those who choose to be self-directed. And for people seeking more direct engagement with their instructors, Workday also offers in-person workshops. 

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Today’s consumers want to feel like they’re learning something from their favorite brands. It’s no longer enough to just use traditional marketing tactics. 

People are more willing to engage with brands and services that promise tangible results they can use in their daily lives. That’s where SaaS universities come into play. 

When done right, they can be a powerful marketing tool that drives business growth while supplying tremendous value to clients. 

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