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theTradeDesk is the #1 demand-side platform (DSP) in the world, providing advertising companies with a media-buying software platform that allows them to purchase and run ads with the appropriate data information required to make their campaigns successful.

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Edge Academy

Edge Academy is a learning resource from theTradeDesk that offers courses and training in data-driven advertising and digital marketing. Their dozens of completely free courses also provide a certification demonstrating professional knowledge and proficiency in the subject matter. Their curriculum is 100% online and is designed to work for every level of experience. Run by theTradeDesk, the program is supported by the expertise of those behind the #1 demand-side platform for advertisers in the world. As of 2020, over 11,000 people had received certifications through Edge Academy.

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I appreciate that Edge Academy divides their courses by certifications, spotlight courses, and trader's toolkit courses. I was able to look through the three certification courses and take a look at their curriculum before I decided if I wanted to sign up. Some of the courses are missing […]
You will find the information you're looking for fairly easily, but you'll have to click around a bit; I'd prefer an overview of everything and decide then instead of having to go back and forth. Once you click on a course, the written (there are videos, too) course description provided v […]
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