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Creatio is a process automation and CRM company that enables businesses to streamline their marketing, sales and service processes. Their low-code platform makes it easy to automate business processes while also integrating the traditional functions of a CRM.

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Creatio Academy

Creatio Academy provides e-learning courses, guided learning, and corporate training in the functions of the Creatio platform. From the basics to mastering the use of no-code customization, Creatio Academy prepares learners for professional use of the Creatio platform. Their e-learning courses are self-paced and free to all learners, while their paid corporate training and guided learning courses are led by Creatio experts. Courses are designed to promote platform fluency and speed the rate of implementation in professional settings.

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Creatio Academy's offering of webinars, free e-learning courses, guided courses, and corporate training makes on-demand learning feasible and user-friendly. As a first-time user, I wish that the academy landing page was more geared toward course education and gave clear information about […]
Lots going on on the landing page. I was confused by the News label on most posts since I was looking for courses, not news. I had a hard time finding courses in the first place, except for the webinar right on top. Under the Training tab, things didn't get much easier. Once you find the […]
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