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Pipefy is a work management platform that allows companies to automate workflows without the use of any code. From integrating your emails, spreadsheets, and other data, Pipefy makes it easy to see a holistic picture of your operations. Organizations that use Pipefy to streamline their operations include GE Healthcare, Samsonite, and more.

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Pipefy University

Pipefy University offers free online courses in the uses and applications of Pipefy’s work management platform. Their two courses, basic process management and basic API and integrations, teach learners the best ways to use Pipefy to streamline and integrate their work processes. Both training courses provide a certification demonstrating mastery upon completion of the program.

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All of Pipefy's courses are related to Pipefy. Courses are super-easy to find and there's an FAQ section. There's a short description of each course on the overview page and an extensive course description once you click on a course including a video and curriculum. You can also access a […]
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