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IBM (International Business Machines) is a hardware, software, technology, and cloud solutions company. They are a leader in the technology industry, with dozens of products and solutions spanning from artificial intelligence to statistics.

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IBM SkillsBuild

SkillsBuild is an educational platform by IBM that focuses on technology skills development for students, professionals, and educators. Uniquely, SkillsBuild provides resources for children under the age of eighteen in addition to adults hoping to gain relevant skills for beginning a career in tech. All of their courses are free and provide guidance from field experts, ending with a professional credential from IBM.

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IBM SkillsBuild makes it really simple to look at a variety of tech careers at a glance and then work on building the relevant skills to succeed in that field. All of their courses are free and sorted into various learning tracks, and end with receiving a digital badge from IBM. I was abl […]
The courses are categorized by their target audience: teens, adults, educators, organizations. I love that IBM offers courses for teens! The courses are focused on skill building instead of certification. The descriptions are helpful and the site is visually attractive -- a sophisticated […]
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