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Jobvite is a software platform that helps organizations keep track of and recruit job applicants. Serving thousands of companies worldwide, Jobvite is emerging as a top talent acquisition (TA) software with several industry recognitions for excellence in TA and HR.

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Jobvite Academy is an online learning platform offering courses and certifications for recruiters looking to expand and develop their skills. With self paced courses in talent acquisition strategy, recruitment marketing, and optimization, Jobvite Academy helps recruiters to build better results through their Evolve Talent Acquisition framework. Courses and certifications are designed to be useful for both Jobvite users and users of other talent acquisition platforms.

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Jobvite Academy's website doesn't give a great deal of information about its individual course offerings, and it's difficult to find pricing information without creating an account. They do, however, explain the general structure of the modules. Their program is flexible and able to work […]
The Jobvite Academy gives you an idea of what their offering, but it wasn't easy to find the individual courses. Rather, it appears to be one certification class with several modals. I wasn't able to find out if the course was right for me. You can use a bot to help you find what you're l […]
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Terminus, Bound

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