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Perforce is a software company that allows organizations to work together remotely on code development and application running. Even when on opposite sides of the world, Perforce makes collaboration a possibility for several hundred clients.

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Perforce U

Perforce U is a self-paced and flexible learning platform for filmmakers to enrich their professional skills. Modern technology has changed much of how filmmakers work their job, and resources like Perforce U offer established creatives and beginners alike the chance to master their virtual production skills. Training is structured and easy to follow, and ends with a professional certification from industry recognized SaaS, Perforce.

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Perforce U makes some of the information on their two learning courses easily accessible, but much of it is unavailable until you get an account. I appreciate the brief overview of course content, course duration, and Perforce U, but I would like more. I'd want to see a bit more of the co […]
The courses are on the Perforce page under resources, but I would have preferred a separate site. There's a lot going on visually. While the presentation is sophisticated and the resources page features several categories like Webinars, Papers, and Videos as well as a search function (by […]
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