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PagerDuty is an incident management platform that identifies crises and quickly notifies the proper channels to address them. From minor to major infrastructure issues, PagerDuty brings to the table what more than 18,000 organizations need most in their urgent moments—quick response and effective action.

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PagerDuty University

PagerDuty University is a self-paced and fully on demand learning resource that brings together dozens of free courses that walk learners through every step of the process of using PagerDuty. The courses—which are entirely free and take between six minutes and 40 minutes to complete—detail the setting up, the scheduling, the mobile app, and more. Utilized by more than 18,000 organizations, PagerDuty is a trusted source for incident management training.

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PagerDuty University makes most of the most immediately necessary information about their courses quickly available. Each course page includes estimated duration, a brief outline, and a description of course content. Courses are short and easy to make fit into my busy schedule, and their […]
PagerDuty's presentation is quite basic, but that makes it easy to navigate. You can search courses by role, topic, and level. The extensive course descriptions are helpful and enrolling is easy.
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