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Sauce Labs

Sauce Labs is a continuous testing platform that conducts regular, automated tests to review code across company browsers and devices to check for errors and ensure proper functioning. Home to the largest continuous testing cloud in the world, Sauce Labs makes the code development process smoother from start to finish.

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Sauce School

Sauce School takes the expert coding automation knowledge from the developers of the largest continuous testing cloud in the world and makes it accessible to any learner, from anywhere. Course options include Selenium Java, Selenium Python, API testing, and training with Sauce Labs specific tools.

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All Sauce School courses can be started without even signing up for an account. While most courses will require that you eventually gain access to Sauce Labs tools, it is nice to be able to get a feel for the course and even take a few quizzes right away. The only requirement (aside from […]
Sauce School offers automation code tutorials at different levels. A short description lets you know what to expect from each course. The courses consist of several modules that are further described in detail. It's all written information, which is not for everyone. A lot of reading, but […]
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