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ExtraHop Networks

ExtraHop is a software company offering security monitoring, network detection, and response. With a network designed to ward off digital threats through comprehensive security protections, ExtraHop is trusted by more than 800 organizations on over five million devices around the world.

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Elevate Customer Education

Elevate Customer Education is a free online learning platform featuring courses on security and IT tools and techniques. Learners with little experience and learners with a wealth of it will more than likely find something of interest within the extensive Elevate course catalogue. The time commitment for an Elevate class ranges from two minutes to two hours, making it an ideal option for someone looking for learning flexibility. With dozens of courses in topics ranging from encryption to threat hunting to training with the ExtraHops systems, participants learn the skills necessary to protect their company’s digital world.

Review Rating
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Elevate Customer Education provides very little information about their courses before registration. Each course gets a short, typically one sentence description, along with some brief learning objectives. It is very difficult to get a clear picture of what the courses entail until you ar […]
Elevate's customer education site is visually attractive. Categories, course library and search bar make it easy to find what you're looking for. The course descriptions are a bit too short. I wasn't able to get a good idea of what I'd get. Some courses are free, but not all.
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