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Talkdesk is a software company offering cloud-based call center solutions to organizations across more than a dozen different industries. From travel to healthcare, companies of all kinds can use Talkdesk to build a better experience for their customers through their contact centers.

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Talkdesk Academy

Talkdesk Academy provides free training to professionals at all levels of experience. Courses are built around learning to use the Talkdesk contact center platform—from understanding the basics of the software to softer skills like handling angry callers. All Talkdesk Academy courses are free with registration and self-paced to fit conveniently into a busy schedule. For professionals using Talkdesk in their workplaces, Talkdesk Academy is the perfect place to master the platform.

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The TalkDesk Academy has a simple but attractive presentation with courses sorted by role and a Spanish option for agents. The course descriptions are informative, though they could've been a bit more extensive in some cases. Courses are on the shorter side and free with sign up. Not all […]
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