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Workato is a data software company that uses instruction “recipes” to automate company workflows. They take tasks that previously would have required the time and effort of an employee and enable them to occur automatically, streamlining the business process. With more than 7,000 employees, Workato is quickly becoming a leader in the field of automation software.

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Workato Automation Institute

Workato Automation Institute offers fifteen online courses covering a variety of aspects of business automation. From marketing automation to error troubleshooting, the Automation Institute aims to prepare business owners and employees with the tools and techniques to begin automating their business processes. Courses range in level from beginner to advanced, and offer a clear learning pathway for users to navigate through. Most courses take between half an hour and two hours to complete and offer options for both self paced and live learning. Workato is an established authority in the field of automation software with more than 7,000 customers.

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Workato Automation Institute lays out their program clearly and makes it easy to understand how it works at a glance. They divide topics into ordered courses, with explanations and brief curriculum overview for each. A lot of their courses also have an option for self paced and live lea […]
The Workato Automation Institute has a neat search feature, the Training Library, that makes it easy to find what you're looking for. You can filter your search by difficulty, length, and audience. The videos look like PowerPoint presentations, which seems a bit dated, but are easy to fol […]
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