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Pipedrive is a software company with a sales focused CRM platform that enables companies to understand their sales pipeline more holistically. With more than 95,000 users worldwide, Pipedrive is rated the #1 CRM for sales teams.

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Pipedrive Academy uses the Pipedrive CRM software to train users to better utilize CRM and increase sales. Though their training uses the Pipedrive product, their training has broader applications for users of other CRM software. With video instruction as brief as 30 seconds and as in-depth as a several hour course, Pipedrive Academy makes learning possible for anyone—from beginners to experienced CRM users.

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Pipedrive Academy is primarily video based, which made it convenient to quickly preview course content and decide how it would work for me. Their dozens of free courses have a brief description, duration, and other linked resources. Because most of their content is in video format, there […]
Pipedrive Academy offers a number of useful e-marketing tutorials. The video-intro gives a good overview of the courses' content (and no issues getting the videos to play either). However, the courses are mostly related to their software and are aimed at their clients. Good for clients, n […]
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Free for 14 days


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English, German, Spanish, Czech, Estonian, French, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Dutch, Norweigan, Polish, Portuguese, Finnish, Mandarin
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