In 2021, virtually every company needs to be a content company. Whether for training, customer support, troubleshooting, marketing, brand awareness, thought leadership, or more, companies need consistent, high-quality content.

What can you do? Large companies spend considerable time, energy, and money developing high-quality content. Allarium offers companies another option.

Allarium takes content you already have, recorded webinars, and transforms it into the content you need to run your business. Buried inside your recorded webinars is fantastic content, you just need help unlocking it!

Here’s an example. Let’s say you’re a B2B SaaS company with a complex tool that requires a long, time-consuming onboarding process. Every time your Customer Success team completes a customer training, they send the Allarium team a link to the recording. Just copy and paste the URL, type it into the Allarium online submission form, and you’re done.

After receiving the link, the Allarium team goes to work. Your content is analyzed for quality, speech patterns, themes, and more. Then a team of graphic designers, animators, and instructional designers get to work transforming your recorded webinars into the content you need.

Here are a few examples of assets that the Allarium team has built using recorded webinars

  1. Multi-week customer training course. By adding graphics, assessment questions, assignments, and more, we have built out on-demand training courses that customers can take anytime, anywhere.
  2. Website FAQ’s. At the end of many trainings, customers often ask questions about your technology, your service offerings, or more. Those questions can be transformed into text-based FAQ’s to help improve customer support. 
  3. New employee training. What better way to train new employees than by providing them with a video library of your customer success team training new customers?
  4. Marketing assets. That quick introduction by your CEO at the beginning of the meeting is now a short animated video that’s front and center on the website.

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The possibilities are endless. Allarium turns your recorded webinars into the
content you need, when you need it. And the best part: there’s no additional work on your end.

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